At this stage of early preschool, children transition from solitary play to engaging in cooperative group activities. They eagerly anticipate the array of enriching experiences their teachers have prepared for them each day. Through a dynamic mix of storytelling, music, games, arts and crafts, as well as essential routines like snacks, lunch, and naptime, their days are filled with excitement and discovery.

Beyond the educational activities, these young learners also have the chance to foster new friendships, sharing their joys and discoveries with their peers. Each day becomes not only a journey of learning but also an invaluable opportunity to develop social skills and build meaningful connections with others.

Our program is designed to provide a holistic approach to early childhood development, nurturing not only cognitive growth but also emotional intelligence and social interaction. Through a balance of structured activities and free play, our young preschoolers embark on a journey of exploration and camaraderie, laying a solid foundation for their ongoing learning and social development.

Parent Testimonial:

"I would highly recommend Parker Landing!!! My granddaughter has been very happy to be here going on 2 years and enjoys time with all her friends at school. Home cooked meals and a clean, safe, nurturing environment for all the kiddos." - Jeanine M. 

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