Our infant program will provide your baby with loads of love and attention in a very nurturing environment. We will have a 1 to 3 ratio. Each room is designed so that your baby can learn to sit, roll, crawl, pull themselves up, and walk. Staff members will interact with each baby by talking, singing, and holding them while allowing them to eat, sleep, and explore on their own individual schedule. We will provide each infant with their own crib and linens. Cribs are for sleeping only. The youngest infants are held for bottle feeding to promote bonding and a sense of security. You will need to provide all mixed formulas in their own bottles. Older infants will be fed in a high chair and given foods that you have notified us in writing that they have started to eat. Each family will need to provide adequate diapers and wipes at all times. A daily report will be sent home sharing with you the events of your child’s day. Rest assured your baby will feel safe, secure and happy throughout their day.

Cute Baby Girl Wearing Bib Sitting In High Chair