Enrichment Programs

Science Snoopers

Our science program is teacher-created. It captures the attention of the child and puts their imagination to flight. The child will learn, create and discover the world around them.

Investigative Math

Numbers are everywhere. Our Math lessons are age-appropriately designed to spark curiosity and build a firm foundation to everyday math. We make the first impressions of learning numbers and cultivating math skills, fun, and exciting.

Foreign Language

What better way to discover the world around us, than through language?  Our highly skilled teachers bring different languages to life. Your child will have the opportunity to gain exposure to Sign Language, Spanish and other languages that the teachers are equipped to teach.

Infant Sign Language

As your baby develops, so does their need for communication. Our trained Infant Staff begins to shape their language skills by introducing basic sign language. As they learn, your teachers will help teach you as well to reinforce their signs at home too!


Zoo-phonics uses pictorial mnemonics (animal letters), Body movements (the signals) and teaches through physical games and activities. It makes an abstract skill (language) concrete and playful! Zoo-Phonics fosters success by helping children feel good about their reading, spelling and writing ability. No child slips between the cracks! From Ali Alligator to Zek Zebra we will help build a spring board for your child’s learning.